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 Welcome to Jackson, California

At the crossroads of Scenic Highways 49 and 88, Gold Country adventures begin and end in Jackson. Charming, 150-year old Main Street boasts one of California’s oldest and most notorious establishments, the newly renovated National Hotel. Antiques, the Amador County Museum, gift shops, popular eateries, even a steam punk-themed bookstore attract shoppers and history buffs.  A Gold Country adventure isn’t complete without experiencing the miner’s way of life on a tour of the legendary Kennedy Mine. Minutes from Main Street, the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort features top name entertainers, and Jackson’s location on beautiful Highway 88 makes it the ideal base camp for High Sierra camping, fishing, and snow sports.

In 1853, Jackson became the county seat of newly formed Amador County, California. Previously, from 1851–1852, it had been the county seat of Calaveras County. Jackson may therefore be the only city to have ever been county seat of two different counties at different times.

Top Five Things To Do: 

  1. The National Hotel
  2. Amador County Museum
  3. Kennedy Gold Mine
  4. Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
  5. Biggest Little Kitchen Store



Who We Are...

The Jackson Business & Community Association is dedicated to promoting the interests of Jackson’s unique economy.

Mission Statement

We strive to maintain a healthy economic and cultural environment in our small foothill town by promoting a cohesive bond between the various businesses throughout the whole of Jackson with a positive sense of community while respecting and embracing the diversity of each individual business. We are dedicated to the development of a strong collaborative relationship among the business community, residential community, local government, and the people we serve.

Shared Values

  • We represent and advance the interests of locally-owned businesses in Jackson.
  • We act, decide, and communicate openly using the highest standard of ethics.
  • We attend to details, execute with knowledge and precision, act with a sense of urgency and display a caring attitude.
  • We practice positive problem solving and future planning by listening, anticipating, working together to find solutions, advocating and taking action for and with our members.
  • We come together as a diverse retail community to achieve our shared vision.
  • We foster and promote continuous growth and learning for our members, JBCA Board and Staff through educational opportunities, collaborations and networking


  • We seek opportunities to get and give advice from other business owners, and hold meetings that provide community information and business education.
  • We strive to market Jackson businesses to both local consumers and visiting shoppers.
  • We strive to promote business excellence and Jackson’s reputation.
  • We desire to organize special events that will bring locals and visitors to Jackson businesses.
  • We seek to partner and collaborate with other community organizations, such as ACT, ACRA, ACAC, Kennedy Mine, etc. to improve the regional economy.



Attraction Map - Showing all of Jackson's major points of interest.


Walking Tour of Jackson - Featuring Antiques, Art, Books, Crafts, Fine Wines, Gourmet Foods, Historic Hotel & Saloon Restaurants, Services and unique shops. PLUS... Annual ecents, County Museum, Kennedy Gold Mine Tours, Trailing Wheels Park and Friendly people.


The Historic Pioneer Cemetery of Jackson