Who We Are...

The Jackson Business & Community Association is dedicated to promoting the interests of Jackson’s unique economy.

Mission Statement

We strive to maintain a healthy economic and cultural environment in our small foothill town by promoting a cohesive bond between the various businesses throughout the whole of Jackson with a positive sense of community while respecting and embracing the diversity of each individual business. We are dedicated to the development of a strong collaborative relationship among the business community, residential community, local government, and the people we serve.

Shared Values

  • We represent and advance the interests of locally-owned businesses in Jackson.
  • We act, decide, and communicate openly using the highest standard of ethics.
  • We attend to details, execute with knowledge and precision, act with a sense of urgency and display a caring attitude.
  • We practice positive problem solving and future planning by listening, anticipating, working together to find solutions, advocating and taking action for and with our members.
  • We come together as a diverse retail community to achieve our shared vision.
  • We foster and promote continuous growth and learning for our members, JBCA Board and Staff through educational opportunities, collaborations and networking


  • We seek opportunities to get and give advice from other business owners, and hold meetings that provide community information and business education.
  • We strive to market Jackson businesses to both local consumers and visiting shoppers.
  • We strive to promote business excellence and Jackson’s reputation.
  • We desire to organize special events that will bring locals and visitors to Jackson businesses.
  • We seek to partner and collaborate with other community organizations, such as ACT, ACRA, ACAC, Kennedy Mine, etc. to improve the regional economy.